Each year, dentists and dental hygienists must complete a specified number of hours of accredited continuing education courses required by the state to keep their licenses active.

“Dentists and hygienists work very hard to know the best way to oral health,” exclaims Leona Meditz; who founded Health Care Professionals Wellness Network to “make HEALTH contagious.” That’s why Clean Kiss by HCP Wellnet  has partnered with Smiles at Sea to send some very lucky hygienist plus the entire dental team on a Royal Caribbean CRUISE to get those CE credits!”

Elijah Desmond, Smiles at Sea founder states, “When quality continuing education is fun, not just required, true learning happens,” adding that “experiential learning is more apt to be applied at home in the dental practice.” That’s why the prize includes the entire dental team.

Imagine your favorite hygienist and dental team getting those CE credits in morning sessions and taking the rest of the day, relaxing at sea.  They can explore the ship, taste treats in multiple locations, schedule a spa appointment, delight in the many outdoor and the indoor entertainments, and relax at a beautiful tropical resort.

In the live, morning CE events, they get hands-on training from dental professionals in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. They can ask questions live and benefit from authoritative feedback. Finally, they will learn about the newest trends in their profession.

The question you are likely asking now is: How do I nominate my dental team to be that “one lucky winner”?

Answer: You sign them up for the Clean Kiss Contest that awards a top dental team who promotes periodontal health with Clean Kiss products. The grand prize is the Smiles at Sea CE Cruise for up to 5 dental team members.

If you are not familiar with the Clean Kiss System, it is a set of five patent pending organic products guaranteed to improve gums. These biologic products kill bacteria with Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil and 13 essential oils and herbs; prevent decay with vitamin B12 and Xylitol; heal gums with Aloe Vera, MSM, Green tea and olive leaf extract; strengthen teeth with trace minerals and bone mineral support; calm inflammation with proven antioxidant cell support, and balance pH to prevent plaque build up.

The patent pending Clean Kiss System guarantees your satisfaction with an empty bottle money back guarantee.

What have you to lose? Nothing!

What have you to gain? A healthy mouth acquired by using this ground-breaking solution to gingivitis and periodontal disease, saving  you from expensive dental procedures.

For every 3-month kit you purchase, your hygienist gets one chance to win the cruise and you clean kisses. When you purchase a 3-month auto-ship, they get two chances and you get FREE shipping.  Just click here for how to qualify

This offer is a win-win! You get the Clean Kiss System, your ticket to dental health, and your hygienist gets a chance(s) to win cruise tickets.

Smile, everyone!

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