L-R Jim Rhode;Congressman Quayle; Leona Meditz;Chris Lombardo

L-R Jim Rhode SmartPractice founder;Congressman Quayle; Leona Meditz Founder HCP Wellnet;Chris Lombardo HCP Congressional Coffee June 2, 2011


We join physicians, dentists, and their patients to make oral HEALTH contagious because a clean kiss is the first step to a clean bill of health.
Our mission is to pioneer a new dental health model that includes co-management of shared patients between health care professionals.
We  complete and publish research proving the efficacy of our protocols and products.
We partner with thought leaders, vendors and consultants to join the Clean Kiss movement.
We offer botanical rather than chemical solutions; non-invasive versus surgical therapies.

We do this because….

There’s a Silent Killer Your Doctor Can’t Diagnose

It’s a bacterial infection that affects 3 out of 4 people.[1]
It cannot be diagnosed by a physician.
The medicine routinely prescribed for it causes heart attacks.[2]
It can double diabetes[3] and heart disease risks.[4]
If you are infected and have diabetes, you are three times more likely to die from diabetic complications[5].
It increases pre-term birth[6] and cancer risks,[7] even Alzheimer’s.[8]
It causes dental implant tooth loss.[9]
It is widely documented in medical and dental journals, yet few health care professionals have changed their protocols.

I’m Leona Meditz, and I founded HCP Wellnet March 6, 2015 to join physicians and dentists in making Oral HEALTH contagious.

I’m asking you to join the Clean Kiss movement because a clean kiss is the start of a clean bill of health.

My Background

I learned dental protocols working 10 years for a well known Dental Practice Management Company, visiting over 1,000 US dental practices but it wasn’t until I became Director of Development for Centers for Dental Medicine that I learned of the oral systemic connection (the connection between the mouth and systemic disease). In 2002, Richard Carmona was appointed by President George W Bush as surgeon general. He stated, “You cannot be healthy without Oral Health”. The oral systemic connection was unveiled.

It would take 10 more years before diagnostic and treatment protocols would begin to change.

On Feb 16, 2011 my husband of 37 years died of a heart attack. He was 62. Periodontal disease is multi-faceted so no one knows how much it contributed to his death. Since then my passion is to do all I can to save others from the pain of prematurely losing their loved one.

CDM imported the first CO2 laser from Poland used for periodontal therapy. My team and I created the communication protocols needed to help patients understand their need for Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy. I first published those protocols, Dentist to Physician Patient Advocacy, for Health’s Sake in the May 2014 issue of Dentistry Today dental clinical news magazine. Those protocols are widely used and I still teach them to dentists and their teams.

Laser Therapy is not Enough

Nothing works better than the laser to clean up the mouth. But every time the patient eats, drinks or breathes, new bacteria is introduced and the vicious cycle begins again. Better oral care was needed.

Three years in the making, my patent pending Clean Kiss Organic Oral Care Products were launched at the Academy of Laser Dentistry meeting in 2016. https://cleankiss.com/clean-kiss-launches-enhanced-oral-care-system/

Finally, I can share with you a complete system of therapies, tools, education and products to fight periodontal disease, the silent killer.

Join Today

Won’t you join the Clean Kiss movement?

Dentists and Hygienists: join today and I will send you a free assessment to see how well your protocols are protecting your patients.

Medical HCP’s: Upon joining, you will get the DAS/OSC report outlining this new collaboration between Medicine and Dentistry

Patients: Refer your doctor and you get an online Periodontal Risk Assessment including the six questions to ask your hygienist so you know you are not infected.

Together we can continue to research, educate, learn and implement new therapies, tools and products that improve patient outcomes.


Leona Meditz
Founder & Executive Director
HCP Wellnet, LLC

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