How does Support Anti-Inflammatory help keep me healthy?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

Dental Therapies including Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy, ozone, scaling and root planing, even periodontal tray therapy clean up your mouth so you can heal.

Clean Kiss Swish, Scrub and Spray kill mouth germs and soothe healing gums.

But combining the above with CleanKiss Support nutriceuticals help reduce body inflammation and supports bone health long term.  Here’s how:


Why doesn’t Clean Kiss use fluoride to fight cavities?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

Sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease.  Here’s why we don’t put fluoride in our products:

Why is Chlorhexidine unhealthy?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

Chlorhexidine is commonly used to treat periodontal disease.  Besides staining teeth, it actually causes heart disease.  Here’s the research:

Does Clean Kiss work as well as coconut oil pulling?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00
Is it artificial coloring that makes Scrub toothpaste red?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

There is no artificial coloring in Clean Kiss products. Period.

Here’s why Scrub toothpaste is red:

Is Clean Kiss Anti-fungal, Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

Yes.  The ingredients in Clean Kiss have been proven to be Anti-fungal, Anti-Viral and Anti-bacterial without chemicals.  Tea Tree oil is just one example of a powerful botanical in Clean Kiss.  Here’s what Dr. Mercola has to say about it:

Is Clean Kiss Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, and Anti-viral?2023-10-22T14:35:40-07:00

Yes. The ingredients in Clean Kiss have been proven to be Anti-fungal, Anti-Viral and Anti-bacterial without chemicals. Tea Tree oil is just one example of a powerful botanical in Clean Kiss.

Does it matter whether I brush before or after gargling?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

Always gargle, then brush.  Here is how to use the Clean Kiss system:

Why is Clean Kiss so expensive?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

Expensive compared to what? Comparing Clean Kiss to store brands is like comparing apples to oranges.  Our passion in creating Clean Kiss is to design an oral care system that actually reduces health costs.  Here’s what United Concordia–the insurance company that takes care of our veterans has to say:

Does Gum health really matter to my overall health?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

YES! Please, Please watch this video.  It may save your life!

Will Clean Kiss whiten my teeth?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00
What if it tastes too STRONG?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

It is not uncommon to experience a strong taste at first.  Our customers tell us they acquire a taste after using it for 3 months or so.  If necessary, dilute 1 part Swish to 2 parts water  to  soften the taste.  Be sure to use at least 1 ounce of Swish per day–just gargle more if you add water.

Will the Apple Cider Vinegar in Swish hurt my teeth?2019-07-02T00:37:56-07:00

The Apple Cider Vinegar is perfectly diluted so as not to hurt your teeth.  It is recommended that you Swish first, then Scrub (brush) because Scrub will balance the acidic pH of the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar has so many good benefits we had to use it.

How do I get rid of Periodontal disease?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

First get a diagnosis that includes:

  1. Health History
  2. Family Health History
  3.  Blood Pressure
  4.  Full Periodontal Probing
  5.  A1c/Crp test
  6.  Bacterial Enzyme and Genetic test
  7. Now get the therapy recommended by your dental team
  8.  The therapy will remove plaque, calculus, and necrotic (dead) tissue beneath the gum line where your toothbrush can’t reach
  9.  Gargle twice a day with Clean Kiss Swish mouthwash.  It will help your gums heal and kill new bacteria that enters your mouth every time you eat, drink or breathe.
  10.  After gargling, use a water flosser.  I like the Hydrofloss because it has a magnet in the handle to de-ionize water.  Put a capful of Clean Kiss Swish mouthwash in the water to help kill bacteria beneath the gumline.
  11. Get an electric toothbrush. I like the 30 second smile because it is fast and easy and also effective.
  12.  Use Scrub toothpaste.  It will gently brush away plaque, fill tooth crevices with trace minerals, kill bacteria, whiten teeth and leave you with a perfect pH that germs don’t like to grow in.
  13.  Give someone you love a CLEAN Kiss.  Gum disease is contagious so you don’t want to pass the disease back and forth!
  14.  Reduce inflammation with Support Anti-Inflammatory supplement twice daily to help your body stay healthy.
  15.  Take Support Bone supplement twice daily to help keep teeth and bones strong.
How do I know if I have Periodontal Disease?2019-06-27T01:17:55-07:00

The answers to the following 6 questions will tell you not only if you have periodontal disease but to what degree and can only be answered by a dental hygienist:

  1. Do I have the active bacterial infection called periodontal disease? Yes or No
  2. Has the bacteria entered my bloodstream?
  3. Has it caused increased health risks?
  4. What do we do about it?
  5. Did Therapy work?
  6. Has it come back?
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