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Thank you for all you do to promote holistic health! We join with you and health care professionals nationwide in “making HEALTH contagious”. That’s why we want to honor those sales representatives that best help you care for your patients. We are asking members of the Holistic Dental Association to nominate up to three of their BEST Sales Reps. You and your winning sales rep will be honored with a national press release that you can use to promote your practice AND their service. Together we can EDUCATE, RESEARCH and CHANGE outdated protocols. Click Here to honor YOUR BEST Rep.

Why did HCP Wellnet create Clean Kiss Organic Oral Care? In 2002, Our founder, Leona Meditz, introduced the CO2 Laser into the United States and helped develop laser assisted periodontal therapy protocols. Her case studies presented at the Academy of Laser Dentistry in 2012 showed that although the Laser promoted periodontal health, better homecare products, protocol and tools were needed to sustain oral health. In 2015, Clean Kiss Organic Oral Care System was unveiled.

Today, thousands are using the patent pending Clean Kiss Organic Oral Care system, guaranteed to improve periodontal health with a money back guarantee. Dentists nationwide are turning their hygiene department into a wellness center with new diagnostic and therapeutic protocols that include the Clean Kiss products. Ms Meditz continues to promote periodontal health via articles published in Dentistry Today’s column: Today’s Dental News.

We will be checking with your administrative team in the next day or so to confirm your rep’s hat is in the ring. Please advise them of your selection.

Thank you for helping HCP Wellnet support holistic dental health!



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HCP Wellnet
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