Do you wonder if patients’ oral and systemic health can support surgical healing? Are you concerned about losing implant cases if you start with oral systemic health?

Learn how to improve patient health before surgery to improve healing after surgery.

Have peace of mind that you have done everything possible to increase implant longevity.

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Here’s Dr. Suhail Mati’s Insights

You’re Going to Learn

How to determine if your patient is ready systemically for Implant Surgery and what to do if they aren’t.

The critical difference between current hygiene protocols that haven’t changed in40 years and oral systemic health protocols

How to gather mouth and body diagnostics, create and present treatment plans, and deliver therapies in a very specific way, creating something entirely NEW that your patients have NEVER seen before…and they love it enough to pay for it!

How team can talk to patient’s about oral systemic health to build interest and value to therapy without loosing their implant treatment.

How to do all of this…and more, without stressing doctor and team with extra time or energy burdens.

WARNING: Team will quickly catch your passion for oral systemic health.  Be ready!

About the Presenter

I’m Leona Meditz and I will be your presenter. I learned dental protocols working 10 years for a well known Dental Practice Management Company, visiting over 1,000 US dental practices but it wasn’t until I became Director of Development for Centers for Dental Medicine that I learned of the oral systemic connection (the connection between the mouth and systemic disease). In 2002, Richard Carmona was appointed by President George W Bush as surgeon general. He stated, “You cannot be healthy without Oral Health”. The oral systemic connection was unveiled.

It would take 10 more years before diagnostic and treatment protocols would begin to change.

On Feb 16, 2011 my husband of 37 years died of a heart attack. He was 62. Periodontal disease is multi-faceted so no one knows how much it contributed to his death. Since then my passion is to do all I can to save others from the pain of prematurely losing their loved one.

CDM imported the first CO2 laser from Poland used for periodontal therapy. My team and I created the communication protocols needed to help patients understand their need for Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy. I first published those protocols, Dentist to Physician Patient Advocacy, for Health’s Sake in the May 2014 issue of Dentistry Today dental clinical news magazine. Those protocols are widely used and I still teach them to dentists and their teams.  Don’t have a laser? The Meditz Method works well with perio tray therapy or Ozone therapy as well.

No matter the therapy, every time the patient eats, drinks or breathes, new bacteria is introduced and the vicious cycle begins again. Better oral care was needed. That’s why I invented Clean Kiss Organic Oral Care Products launched at the Academy of Laser Dentistry meeting in 2016. Clean Kiss Oral care products come with a money back guarantee that if used as directed for three months, oral health will be improved or money back.

The Meditz Method combines passion, protocols, process and products in a very unique way that has proven successful in dental practices nationally for over 20 years.

Expert Dentist but not trained in Oral Systemic Health patient case presentation?

You are not alone! Few dentists have the time to be trained beyond technical procedures so they delegate to team….who may not have been trained either.  Oral Systemic Health case presentation cannot be presented in the hygiene chair after a cleaning.  That’s why if you don’t make $10,000  average per month in hygiene therapies (per hygienist), this one hour virtual lunch and learn could save patient lives without stressing you or your team.  Plus,you will be on the way to adding $120,000 per year in oral systemic health hygiene revenue alone! And you can duplicate what you learn to apply to sleep and airway medicine, adding even more revenue. I’ll even teach you how to co-manage patients with their physicians so before you know it, you will be getting physician referrals too.

Just like my student Dr. Walter Below.  His prophy based practice turned from hygiene being a loss leader into a profitable Health Centered Practice in just 12 weeks.  His team added $10,000 per month in hygiene cases…adding an additional $120,000 that year with 1 hygienist.  And his practice has sustained that revenue for 12 years creating $1,680,000 in hygiene revenue. And you can do it too!

Whether you want to add a new revenue stream or impact your patient’s health, you will learn what it will take to do both without added work burden or stress.  There’s just one problem…  When you don’t know how to structure gathering diagnostics, choosing therapies, creating and presenting comprehensive treatment plans, it’s hard to figure out what you need to do and how to make it all work.

You really don’t have the time to spend endless months–maybeeven years–figuring it out on your own.

And you don’t want to risk investing all that time and effort into processes your patient’s won’t buy!

You want to get your whole team passionate about improving patient’s systemic health.

You want to know what protocols are needed to put Periodontal disease in remission forever.

You want to know the processes of how to delegate the work among your dental team so no one is overly burdened.

You want to know which products will produce the best results.

And you want all of this NOW…so you can impact patient health AND get paid for it.

My student, Dr. Suhail Mati wanted to create systems to give him more family time with his 4 children.  Can you relate? His time stretched between serving as President of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and a very busy implant focused practice created doubts that he would have time to create the very systems that would achieve his goals.

His team and I worked together to increase his case acceptance of large implant and restorative cases, allowing him to work 1 day less per week and pick his children up from school.  He is confident his implants will last because periimplantitis risk is dramatically reduced. More money, more time, better patient health all started with creating a Systemic Health Hygiene practice.

Imagine my devastation when I saw that the disease would come back about 2 years after LAPT was performed,   Shortly afterwards, my husband of 37 years died of a heart attack.  Periodontal disease doubles heart attack risks. He had class 3 periodontal disease.  I truly didn't know what to do next so that others wouldn't lose their loved one with increased risk contributed by periodontal disease.  Therapy protocols worked but alone, weren't enough.

I had the passion, protocols, processes but my client's patient case studies showed we needed more effective homecare.  So,over the next three years, I formulated Cleankiss Swish mouthwash and Scrub toothpaste using botanicals instead of chemicals to keep the mouth healthy after therapy. I also added nutraceuticals to fight inflammation in the body and support bone health.  Since 2015, over 100 dentists successfully use The Meditz Method--named after my husband Michael Meditz.

What I would have given to have this complete system done for me! The hours, toil and stress it would have saved are unmeasurable.

Added Bonus

It all starts with signing up right here, right now, for your Save Lives?? No Sweat!! virtual Lunch and Learn offered every Thursday.  And when you attend, I'll send you a bottle of  Clean Kiss Swish mouthwash and Scrub toothpaste--Moneyback guaranteed to improve periodontal health.

You will learn how to ignite your Passion for oral systemic health, what Protocols and Processes patient's are happy to pay for and even sample the Clean Kiss homecare Products that sustain health.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So reserve your date now.