MediaKitMIRROR Magazine educates interested aesthetic
new and existing patients on what they can expect throughout
the ageing process, preparing them to understand why specific
treatment options are recommended by their aesthetic
Five 400-800 word articles will be written with credible
research in the areas of Eyes, Lips, Skin, Hair and Jawline
describing common onset of ageing symptoms.
Laser Focused Beauty  400 word article compares the efficacy of professional lasers to “at home” versions  in aesthetic procedures.
The Beyond Beauty 800 word article will be written with
credible research on the subject of regenerative medicine.
The Timeless Love 400 word article explains post-menopausal vaginal changes that cause incontinence decrease sexual pleasure.

HCP Wellnet (Health Care Professional Wellness Network)
brings Health Care Professionals together to create shared
patient co-management and cross referral protocols to
better patient outcomes.
Meditz Management publishes educational collaterals,
including Medical Dental News and now MIRROR
magazine for HCP Wellnet and others:
Medical Dental News magazine has successfully been used
to educate patients regarding health risks of gum disease
and as a tool to share between dentists and physicians.
MIRROR magazine uses the proven MD News’ basic format
to educate patients regarding the ageing process so they can
personalize available aesthetic multi-modalities that work
together for best results.
Health Care Professionals may use the MIRROR
Magazine as follows:
• Used in doctor office patient case presentation
portfolio to educate patients on the ageing process.
• Distributed to shared patient physician offices to
educate their patients.
Vendor distributes to their client base as referral
network introduction and patient education tool
Physicians distributed to other referring specialty
physicians as referred patient introduction


The magazine is expected to circulate in 10 health care
referring practices with a minimum of 500 magazines
per practice for a circulation of 5,000 people.
Vendor sponsor sales reps will increase circulation up to
an additional 10,000 magazines or more for a projected
15,000 circulation.
Additional magazines may be purchased in packages of 50.

Physicians* may purchase article “by line” with a minimum
order of 500 magazines @ $3.50 each ($1,750).
*subject to availability
Vendor sponsors may purchase ad space as follows:
AD SIZE ONE TIME RATE using our design template
1 Inside Front Cover w/ up to 400 word Advertorial $5,250
includes 1,500 magazines
1 Inside Back Cover $5,250 includes 1,500 magazines
1 Outside Back Cover $5,250 includes 1,500 magazines
1 Inside Back Cover w/ up to 400 word Advertorial $5,250
includes 1,500 magazines
½ Page (horizontal or vertical) $3,500 includes 1000
1/4 Page (vertical) $1,750 includes 500 magazines
1/6 Page (horizontal or vertical) $1,750 includes 500
2” Banner $1,750 includes 500 magazines
Full Page Ads – $150 with 2 revisions
Half, 1/4 Page Ads – $100 with 2 revisions
Two or more Page Ads – $100 per page with 2 revisions
Note: All ads, editorial and design are paid-in-full upon signing
Additional magazines may be purchased in packages of 50.

MIRROR Magazine cover call outs:

A woman’s most powerful tool  (eyes)

“The most sensual organ we are allowed to expose.” (Lips)

Keeping our largest organ healthy and happy (skin)
A look at a woman’s richest ornament (hair)
A look at hair loss (hair)
“With trembling fingers, I trace her jawline, such a geometric mystery of celestial design.” – J.R. Hayes (jawline)

What you must know about “At home” Lasers (lasers)

Beyond Beauty (to come)

Enjoying timeless love (timeless love)