Here is the 12 week Syllabus
This is the course for you if:

You wish there was a proven, step by step, implementation roadmap that fits into your busy schedule.
You are tired of being told “what to do” and want to know “how” to do it, step-by-step.
You want to quickly get your entire dental team and patients on board.
You want empirical evidence to base systemic health improvements on and how to plan optimum treatments.

Course Details

Twelve weekly support Zoom meetings led by Leona Meditz for expert support. NO OVERWHELM.
Implement each step as directed.
Complete weekly homework as directed.
Ask for help if stuck.

Supplies $3,217 includes

5 Clean Kiss Complete kits totaling 15 bottles Swish and 10 pumps Scrub
5 90 day supply Oral Probiotics
Bana tester and 1 bottle test strips
10 pack A1c/Crp tests
50 Medical Dental News and 5 It’s about Time Brochures
5 Salivary Tests
50 Medical Dental News and 5 It’s about Time Brochures

Coaching $7,780 includes

12 one-hour coaching support calls
Treatment Planner Workbook and forms
Up to 10 dress rehearsal treatment plan and presentation additional support calls
17 step by step videos with role specific implementation homework
3  Quizzes to confirm and build team confidence

Coaching Objectives

1.Identify team member roles and responsibilities rela tive to the Wellness program

2.Establish appropriate fees for the Wellness program

3.Track, report and analyze critical Wellness program statistics

4.Identify the conditions and risks associated with the Oral-Systemic Connection

5.Define periodontal classifications

6.Have a working knowledge of all lab tests and know their implications and interpretations

7.Establish and document practice hygiene protocols

8.Define the practice Wellness program parameters relative to scheduling and fees

9.Develop and document an effective New Patient process which includes the wellness component

10.Develop and document an effective Case Presentation process for both new and returning patients

11.Establish and document an effective Financial Agreement system

12.Develop effective patient pieces which serve as “tangible evidence” for the patient

13.Develop an effective physician referral program

14.Develop the team’s verbal skills to an effective level as evidenced by the % of cases accepted

15.Have a working knowledge of all home care products and their benefits

16.Develop a Wellness counseling referral program

17.Utilize Wellness marketing program

Total Program $10,997

BONUS: FREE Existing Perio Protocol Assessment ($500 value).
Empirical evidence will show you how well existing Perio protocols are working in terms of patient health and
practice income AND what it should be in 3 months after implementing the program. Email Hygiene Protocol
Stats to and schedule report review between Doctor and Leona Meditz @480-225-
0700 to create a baseline.
If after completion, participants do not demonstrate at least $10,000 monthly increase in periodontal therapy
(4,000-4,999 codes), I will personally continue to coach for FREE until they do. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.*Of course,
you and your team must follow the course details to get the guarantee.
Instructor Bio
Leona Meditz learned dental protocols working 10 years for a well-known Dental Practice Management
Company, visiting over 1,000 US dental practices but it wasn’t until she became Director of Development for
Centers for Dental Medicine that she learned of the oral systemic connection. In 2002, Richard Carmona was
appointed by President George W Bush as surgeon general. He stated, “You cannot be healthy without Oral
Health”. The oral systemic connection was unveiled.
It would take 10 more years before diagnostic and treatment protocols would begin to change.
On Feb 16, 2011 Leona’s husband of 37 years died of a heart attack. He was 62. Periodontal disease is multi-
faceted so no one knows how much it contributed to his death. Since then, her passion is to save others from
the pain of prematurely losing their loved one.
Leona introduced the first CO2 laser from Poland used for periodontal therapy. She and her team created the
communication protocols needed to help patients understand their need for Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy.
She first published those protocols, Dentist to Physician Patient Advocacy, for Health’s Sake in the May 2014
issue of Dentistry Today dental clinical news magazine. Since then, Dentistry Today published 3 more articles on
her protocols, which are widely used and still taught to dentists and their teams.

BY SIGNING BELOW, I, (Name on card)_________________________ authorize HCP Wellnet,LLC to
charge my credit card account #_________________________________________Exp
date_____________Security code______ $__10,997-$1297 credit for total of $9,700__ which includes _1__# Doctor and _up to 5_
Team for Integrating Oral Systemic Health in the Dental Office Full Course as outlined above. 1 Associate Doctor may be considered as Team. The total may be paid in 3 monthly payments. No Refunds.

*We’re putting our money where YOUR mouth is with our Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee. Use our 3 month Complete Kit, then take your empty bottles to your hygienist or dentist to compare your gum health before and after using The Clean Kiss Solution. If your gums are not healthier*, we will refund your money (except shipping). Send your name and your dentist’s name to so we can verify your claim. We’re not worried. Clean Kiss is THAT good! * Healthier means either bleeding or tissue damage (pocketing) has improved since your last periodontal charting done within 6 months before using Clean Kiss. The 3 month Complete kit includes: Complete 90 day supply of  the Clean Kiss Oral Care System: Scrub toothpaste, Swish Mouthwash for a kiss of health with your clean kiss!

**If, by the end of 12 hours training, you do not increase your 4,000-4999 dental treatments by $10,000 starting the following  month, I will continue consulting at no charge until you do. Training must be completed within 6 months of purchase. Coaching is NOT a money back guarantee as your success is dependent on practice follow through.