Practice Development Plan

Any Private Practice can obtain a

Practice Development Plan

 Health Care Professionals Wellness Network works collaboratively with Fortress Business Advisory  to develop a personalized and comprehensive Practice Development Plan for Operations, Sales, Marketing and Finance.

Step 1

Practice Assessment

Your Practice Assessment consists of a Skill Wheel Self-Assessment and New Patient Chart Review.  The Skill Wheel Self-Assessment tells us where you believe your strengths are in Operations, Sales, Marketing and Finance.  The New Patient Chart Review exposes which practice model has evolved and how well it is serving your values, skills and practice structure.  Knowing how to bridge disconnects between what you are trying to develop and what you actually have in place is key to a designing a plan that fits you perfectly.

Step 2

Practice Development Plan

The consequences of each decision ripple throughout Operations, Sales, Marketing and Finance.  Yet, dentists make those decisions without understanding all of the repercussions.  No More.  We will set up a Control Panel to run “What if” scenarios and breakeven analysisbefore decisions are made.  Monthly reports will benchmark and then confirm your results.  I will also spend 2 hours per month as your practice advisor to help you learn how your practice could operate.

Here’s the process:

1.       We set up your Control Panel using your Quick Books and profit and loss statements.

2.       Your practice advisor provides four hours initial coaching to help you set goals and design your Plan with you.

3.       Your business advisor and practice advisor guide you to the most achievable plan and timeline. Monthly practice performance reviews are included.

4.       Your practice advisor provides two hours monthly support to monitor and achieve your plan.

5.       Unlimited “What if” scenarios are included over 12 months.

6.       On your one-year anniversary, a second Practice Development Plan is included.

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Step 3

Financial Planning and Profit Protection

HCP Wellnet increases physician/dental referrals via patient co-management.

Your practice development plan shows you how to increase cash flow and profit.

Your Greenbook Program protects profit so you get more out of life.

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