As a dental client of HCPWellnet you get:

· Step by Step Advanced Periodontal Therapy Protocol training
· Set up and training for all tests needed
· Organized Treatment Planner with everything you need just one click away
· Organized Patient Portfolio includes:
· Medical Dental News Magazine for patient education
· Review of Findings for Enzyme test; CRP/A1c results; Treatment Plans; Financial Arrangements and scheduling; Disease Control Kit autoship and patient compliance agreement
· Step by Step instructions leading the patient to accept treatment
· Dress Rehearsals for every patient before Treatment Planning
· Learn how to access and leverage patient health; family health; dental health; protect health; save time/money; quality of life so treatment coordinator is prepared to best help the patient understand their wellness assessment and complete the treatment they need.
· Determine the Recommended Treatment; Modified Treatment and Minimal Treatment for each patient
· Call the patient’s physician if needed to co-manage patient health
· Financial Arrangement options beyond Care Credit that are more budget friendly
· Monthly Stats so you know how well the program is working
· Guaranteed $10,000 increase in periodontal therapy by 12th training
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