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Hygiene Health Assessment

A chart review of your existing hygiene patients measures the efficacy of your existing hygiene protocol. Learn how healthy your patients are, if you are attracting the “right” patients and how much you can lower your patient’s systemic health risks like heart disease and diabetes. See how well your protocol compares to data collected from hundreds of practices nationwide over the past 10 years. You will learn what to change to improve patient health and practice revenue. A must for strategic planning and goal setting. Click here for sample.

New Patient Chart Review

Are you attracting new patients who match your practice philosophy? Are you diagnosing, planning and presenting cases so that patients can accept treatment? Which dental model matches your practice philosophy? Does your new patient process match that model? Are your systems in line with your practice design? What is it costing you to not align your philosophy with practice design and protocols in terms of money, time, stress? A must for your sales plan and treatment coordinator goal setting. Click here for sample.

Demographic Analysis Zip Code Review

A basic assumption, and probably a proven accepted principle within demographics, is that people living in similar ‘neighborhoods’ generally exhibit similar lifestyle and spending tendencies. This enables businesses and other providers of services to adapt and ‘target’ their offerings and communications according to geographical areas, and/or in other ways so as to understand, communicate and deliver the most relevant offerings to the most relevant people. The review will assess 80% or more of your patient base so you can target marketing and services your patients want. A must for your marketing plan and goal setting. Click here for sample.

Scheduling Effectiveness Report

Know if you are scheduling for productivity. Is marketing attracting patients who match your practice design? Is the phone being answered properly? Do you really need to hire another hygienist? Are you spending too much time re-scheduling no shows? A must for either the practice who is too busy, runs behind schedule or under producing.

Control Panel

A tool to easily manage your company by the numbers. You will gain powerful decision-making skills, which are vital for each future step. Learn how to think strategically all the time. You become intimate with your company’s competitive advantages, your most profitable market niche(s) and where your competition is weak. This is not a 50-page business plan; this is a new, focused way of thinking that impacts everyone, and everything, in your company. With your enhanced decision-making skills in place, and your new command of strategy, you can now validate (or adjust) your business model, so your business can fully maximize its opportunity.  A must for any practice owner wanting to grow, maximize your effectiveness, and then LEAD versus DO.

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

Are your marketing efforts productive? Is your marketing attracting patients who accept the services you offer? Do loss leaders work? Are you differentiating your practice appropriately? How much should you budget for marketing? A must for strategic planning/goal setting and budgeting.[/su_spoiler]



Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

                  Interprets your control panel analytics so you can strategically set a 1 year, 3 year and 5 year Marketing Plan.

Budget Review

Interprets your control panel analytics so you know how much you need to spend for marketing and if money spent translated to appointments set and sales made.

                  Website Review

Is your website effectively bringing in new patients? Our review explains website analytics so you can improve SEO and new patient draw. A must for anyone considering a website revamp.


                  Statistical Interpretation              

Team Retreats

                  Team effectiveness evaluation

                  Effective Hiring

                  Team Review

                  Team Compensation

                  C.E.0/Office Manager Advisor

                  Practice Systems Design

                  Budget Set up


                  Advanced Hygiene Program

                  Treatment Planning

                  Case Presentation

                  Shared Patient Physician Relationship Development


                  New Patient Marketing

                  Existing Patient Retention

                  Search Engine Optimization

                  Key Word Development

                  Blog Posting

                  Video Scripting

                  Physician Affiliate Networking

                  Diabetes Educator Networking