What is The Meditz Method?

In Feb 2007, after introducing the first CO2 laser for dentists, Leona Meditz developed advance periodontal protocols using Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy and currently coaches top tier dental practices. Her coaching work revealed the importance of patient co-management with physicians, so Ms. Meditz founded the Health Care Professionals Wellness Network. HCP Wellnet promotes patient advocacy between dentists and physicians.

Leona helps her students SHIFT from traditional insurance dependent protocols that everyone else uses to NEW protocols that actually create systemic overall health.  Most HCP’s (Health Care Professionals) understand the connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body yet OLD protocols haven’t changed for over 40 years. Therefore, patients never see the link between periodontal health and systemic health. But once they do, they accept an average $2,500 out of pocket cost over 50% of the time for hygiene therapy.  And you won’t lose patients who decline therapy.

The Meditz Method changes how mouth and body diagnostics are gathered and used to create and present treatment plans then deliver therapies. These four competencies are stacked in a very specific way, creating something entirely NEW that your patients have NEVER seen before…and they love it enough to pay for it, no matter what insurance covers!

There are 6 key questions patient’s need answered, even if they don’t know to ask:

  1. Do I have active, infectious periodontal disease?
  2. Has bacteria spread into my bloodstream?
  3. Is it increasing systemic health risks?
  4. How to get rid of it and how long will it take?
  5. Is it gone?
  6. Has it come back?

The Meditz Method starts with offering patient’s a one-hour assessment that includes a complete family health history, patient health history and current health assessment, blood pressure screening, full periodontal probing, chairside enzyme red bacteria screening. Depending on those results, an A1c/Crp and Vitamin D test is offered. No treatment is presented that day. The patient is scheduled for a review of findings 1 hour appointment with a trained treatment coordinator in 3 weeks.  Administrators learn how to provide this service to existing then with new patients.

The Review of Findings one hour appointment uses a patient portfolio to walk the patient through to answer the rest of the 6 questions for them.  Up to 10 dress rehearsals are provided so the treatment presenter understands exactly how to customize the treatment plan.

The Treatment Plan is presented at the Review of Findings appointment by the trained treatment coordinator.  The assessment determines what therapies are needed and classifies them in 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plans. Treatment plans are all inclusive, not a list of ad hoc therapies and may include scaling/root planning, specific homecare products, nutraceuticals, probiotics; laser or ozone or perio trays; and before/after tests.  You will be able to prove therapy efficacy to yourself and your patient. The Treatment Plan workbook keeps everything organized.  No more hunting through notes to find what was presented.

Physician Patient Co-management   is modeled at the dress rehearsal appointment with Leona.  The treatment coordinator easily gets through to physicians, synthesizes shared patient information, uses language the physician values and asks the physician to watch dosages, as they may change.  The patient receives a ROF fax for their records.  Co-managing shared patients, in time, creates a referral relationship with physicians and co-ordinates systemic health care.

How well does The Meditz Method work?  Leona guarantees* you will increase your perio 4,000-4,999 therapies by $10,000 per month in 12 weeks, or she will continue to work with your team for no fee until you do.  *Of course, you have to follow The Meditz Method as taught.

For more info schedule a 30 minute call with Leona.