First get a diagnosis that includes:

  1. Health History
  2. Family Health History
  3.  Blood Pressure
  4.  Full Periodontal Probing
  5.  A1c/Crp test
  6.  Bacterial Enzyme and Genetic test
  7. Now get the therapy recommended by your dental team
  8.  The therapy will remove plaque, calculus, and necrotic (dead) tissue beneath the gum line where your toothbrush can’t reach
  9.  Gargle twice a day with Clean Kiss Swish mouthwash.  It will help your gums heal and kill new bacteria that enters your mouth every time you eat, drink or breathe.
  10.  After gargling, use a water flosser.  I like the Hydrofloss because it has a magnet in the handle to de-ionize water.  Put a capful of Clean Kiss Swish mouthwash in the water to help kill bacteria beneath the gumline.
  11. Get an electric toothbrush. I like the 30 second smile because it is fast and easy and also effective.
  12.  Use Scrub toothpaste.  It will gently brush away plaque, fill tooth crevices with trace minerals, kill bacteria, whiten teeth and leave you with a perfect pH that germs don’t like to grow in.
  13.  Give someone you love a CLEAN Kiss.  Gum disease is contagious so you don’t want to pass the disease back and forth!
  14.  Reduce inflammation with Support Anti-Inflammatory supplement twice daily to help your body stay healthy.
  15.  Take Support Bone supplement twice daily to help keep teeth and bones strong.