Which of the above describes you best? 

Did YOU Know…..

  • There are 4 different general dentist practice designs?
  • The design must match your values and skills?
  • How you work with patients must match your design?
  • You can tell what design you have and change it to what you want?
  • Dental school didn’t teach you how to be a dental CEO?
  • Most dentists copy the design of their first associate job?


  1. You could objectively tell which practice design matches you best?
  2. You could objectively tell which practice design you have?
  3. You could objectively know what needed to change to create your best design?

What if YOU could Learn….

  1. How to add $120,000 per year without high priced marketing programs?
  2. How to grow profit while decreasing Stress for you or team?
  3. What it will take to make changes? How long will it take?
  4. How long it will take to see improved patient health?

So bring your own lunch, relax, be comfortable and let’s see how The Meditz Method works.

You’ll be glad you did!

Lunchtime won’t work? You pick the time.