I have with me Renee Blasky, who is a patient.  We usually do our Superstar  focus on dental team but Renee is actually a patient who has a story to tell about Clean Kiss. I met Renee at a networking group and so Renee, tell me what prompted you to order Clean Kiss mouthwash and toothpaste?

Thanks Leona. Having met you, we we started talking about Clean Kiss but what you didn’t know at the time is that I had been struggling with some periodontal disease for the last two years and having to go to the dentist every three months to try to check and to really stop it from progressing.  So when you started talking about your product is was just like oh I should try that, so I ordered some.

Well I’m so glad that you did because nobody says, Oh hi, glad to meet you.  I have periodontal disease.